Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Welcome to Innotomy blog!

Innotomy focuses on the application of scientific method for the product and/or service innovation. I am planning to publish a series of articles on various diverse and related topics in the near future in following areas
  • Energy
  • Mobile handsets and wireless communication
  • Computer vision
  • Quantitative analysis

What does Innotomy mean? What does Innotomy Consulting stand for?

Let's look at etymology of Innotomy. Origin: 2010 AD ( inno - for innovation ; Greek tem - to cut up, to dissect, to explore).

Innotomy then can be described as any of the following:
  • The science of exploring innovations
  • The structure of any part, or whole of an innovation or an idea
  • A detailed analysis of an innovation or
  • A model of a fully explored innovation

The primary focus is on innovation and applying a formal scientific method in order to refine it and take an idea through implementation for monetization.

What does Innotomy Consulting stand for? It is primarily a well-oiled, scientific approach to exploring incomplete or inaccurate knowledge while innovation is being implemented. In the weeks to come, I will take you through some of the topics in each of the domain areas mentioned above and explain with case studies. I intend to illustrate how Innotomy helps in achieving some of the early stated goals, not always completely unambiguous. Innotomy helps refine both the objectives and the product to achieve a stated end goal.

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